Randell and Cherry – Save the date

We climbed every slopes and hills and sweating endlessly when we shoot this video but it was all worth it for a very concerted couple. Thank you Randell and Cherry.

Location: Mountain View Busay, Cebu and a hill somewhere in Busay 🙂
Photos: Mabelle Rodriguez
Make up: Andy Sinadjan

Music: The Clouds Marched by Circadian Eyes

Robert and Mary Ann (Same Day Edit/Onsite Video)

From the premier and livable city in the west coast of Cebu, Toledo City. A very lovely bride and a game groom made the wedding day so special and fun.

Church: St. John of Sahagun Parish Toledo City
Photos: BlinkBox Photos
Music: Stolen – Dashboard Confession

Billy and Nel (Same day edit/Onsite Video)

Heavy rain, and muddy garden. So people were so confused whether to hold the ceremony on the garden or just under the roof. Fortunately the rain calm down so they finally decided to do it on the garden ( and this should be a garden wedding ).
Billy and Nel are such a happy and beautiful couple… Rain or shine, the love must go on. Enjoy the SDE that shows real affection of the couple.

Congratulations to Billy and Nel and thanks for having us!

Location: Chateau de Busay
Photos: Mikel Magdadaro
Music: Smack into you – Jon Mclaughlin

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