Jamaal and Sarah – Teaser

Directed by: Jamaal James Calipayan and Noel Samson
Story Concept: Jamaal James Calipayan and Sarah Cabrera
MUA: Justin Gloria
Cinematography: Noel Samson
Videographers: Noel Samson, Mabelle Rodriguez, and Erik Lorenciana
Prod. Assistant: Kim Gascal

Eric and Raquel – Trailer

Eric and Raquel – Trailer.mp4 from noelsamson on Vimeo.

Directed by: Ace Verula and Noel Samson
Story concept by: Saicee Obenza-Verula and Ace Verula
Cinematography: Noel Samson
Photos: Mabelle Rodriguez
Videographers: Noel Samson, Mabelle Rodriguez and Erik Lorenciana
Boom mic: Russel Samson

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