Asi & Sai – E-session

A “The Fast and the Furious” alike prenup video, but not with those shiny and luxuroius
sports car but with a Volks. Yes, Asi and Sai was racing using their Volksavagen.
And not only that, watch them ride with their cute folding bikes and see how an eagle
delivers the engagement ring.

Joel and Zyra – E-session video

A month ago i uploaded the save the date video of Joel and Zyra. Now this is the full video. This was also presented during the reception of their wedding. Enjoy!

Directed and written by: Noel Samson
Cinematography by: Noel Samson
Photos: Mabelle Rodriguez
HMU: Pops

Burtz and Ef Are – Save the date / Teaser

Funniest , wackiest, craziest, and most daring prenup shoot ever… But as what the title says, this is just a teaser video. You’ll see more on their big day. We had lot of fun while shooting this prenup video, from gymnastic, Burtz running on the unfinished oval track of Cebu City Sports Complex, recording studio (you will know why), and best of all, GINABOT!
Oh I forgot to tell you, Burtz and Ef Are are the people behind Blinkbox Photos and they are our close friends…
Enjoy the teaser video while waiting for the full video and that would be on May 25, 2012.
HMU: Ef Are and Mabelle Rodriguez ( LOL )
Cinematographers: Noel Samson and Mabelle Rodriguez
Concept: Burtz and Ef Are
Director: Noel Samson
Co Director: Burtz Rolian

James and Almira – Save the date

Amazing sunrise, amazing waterfalls, amazing corals, amazing couple! Save the date for James and Almira.
Coordination: Darrel John Romeo Felices and Noeme Romero Binagatan
HMU: Jay Casta├▒eda
Photos: Ben Tiu
Cinematography: Noel Samson and Mabelle Rodriguez
Music: Love on the Run – Kerry Muzzey

Joel and Zyra – Save the date

This is just a teaser of their prenup video. Watch the full video on their wedding day, so save the date for Joel and Zyra on April 23, 2012.

Written and Directed by: Noel Samson
Cinemtography: Noel Samson
Photos: Mabelle Rodriguez

Music: The Way You Are – David Choi and Kina Grannis

Marvin and Chai – Save the Date

Save the date for Marvin and Chai, May 20, 2012.

This video was taken last February 6, 2012, while Cebu was shaking. But nothing can stop Marvin and Chai even a 6.9 magnitude earthquake.

Photos: Blinkbox Photos
DOP: Noel Samson and Mabelle Rodiguez

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