Raymund and Roxanne – Same Day Edit

The bride loves to talk while the groom is silent guy. That only proves that opposite really attracts. But there is one thing in common about them, they both love music, Roxy knows how to play a keyboard and a good singer and Raymund is a good guitarist. Love really finds way… Enjoy the SDE.

Prep: Marco Polo Hotel
Church: St. Therese
Reception: Beverly View
Coordination: Jhoan Bragat
HMU Abbai Pila
Photos: Papao Sanchez Photography
Cinematography: Noel Samson
2nd shooter: Mabelle Rodriguez
3rd shooter: Sheryl Samson

Burtz and Ef Are – If We Ever Meet Again

The most awaited prenup video. If you have seen the teaser/save the date video of Burtz and Ef you’ll surely have the eagerness to watch the full prenu video video. The video says it all. 🙂

Cinematography: Noel Samson
2nd shooter: Mabelle Rodriguez
HMU: Ef Are Mirasol and Mabelle Rodriguez 🙂

Burtz and Ef Are of Blinkbox Photos – Same Day Edit

Burtz and Ef Are are the people behind Blinkbox Photos. And they are good friends of ours. They’ve been shooting weddings for a couple of years already, now it’s their turn to be shot. This is one of the most unique wedding you’ll ever witness. The bride uses a bunch of swirly black and white candy instead of a bouquet of flowers, entourage wearing black, Grooms maid instead of Bridesmaid vice versa and the most happiest wedding ever. But what caught my attention was when I saw my friend Burtz crying while he’s watching her beautiful bride Ef Are walking down the Aisle.

Sacred Heart Parish
Photos: Paopao Sanchez Photography
Cinematography: Noel Samson
2nd shooter: Mbelle Rodriguez
3rd shooters: Erik Lorenciana and Russel Samson
Production Assistant: Sheryl Samson

Bruce and Leilani – Same Day Edit

At the end of this video is their 1st kiss, and it’s indeed their first kiss since they’ve been together as boyfriend and girlfriend, believe it or not. You can actually hear on the vow of Bruce at the beginning of the video. And that’s so rear for a guy like that.

Costabella Resort
HMU: Jonas Borces
Photos: Marlon “Moymoy” Capuyan
Cinematography: Noel Samson
2nd shooter: Mabelle Rodriguez
3rd shooters: Erik Lorenciana and Russel Samson

Marvin and Chai Prenup AVP

While Cebu was shaking at magnitude 6.9 we were shooting this prenup avp at the far south of Cebu. Tsunami alert was raised but there’s no turning back we must continue though we are near the seashore. A truly heart pounding session.

Photos: Blinkbox Photos
Cinematography: Noel Samson
2nd Shooter: Mabelle Rodriguez

Marvin and Chai – Same Day Edit

Marvin and Chai were both dancers during their college days at USJR. Dancing is also the beginning of their love story. Some things to catch up on this SDE, Chucks for both of the couple, a non flower bouquet (I don’t know exactly the name of the material being used 🙂 ), a ride on a cartoon car and a face dance.

Prep: Waterfront Hotel Lahug, Cebu City
Church: Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral
Reception: Beverly View
HMU: Francisco Salve
Photos: Binkbox Photos
Cinematography: Noel Samson
2nd shooter: Mabelle Rodriguez,
3rd shooters:Erik Lorenciana and Russel Samson

Asi & Sai – E-session

A “The Fast and the Furious” alike prenup video, but not with those shiny and luxuroius
sports car but with a Volks. Yes, Asi and Sai was racing using their Volksavagen.
And not only that, watch them ride with their cute folding bikes and see how an eagle
delivers the engagement ring.

Joel and Zyra – E-session video

A month ago i uploaded the save the date video of Joel and Zyra. Now this is the full video. This was also presented during the reception of their wedding. Enjoy!

Directed and written by: Noel Samson
Cinematography by: Noel Samson
Photos: Mabelle Rodriguez
HMU: Pops

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