Burtz and Ef Are of Blinkbox Photos – Same Day Edit

Burtz and Ef Are are the people behind Blinkbox Photos. And they are good friends of ours. They’ve been shooting weddings for a couple of years already, now it’s their turn to be shot. This is one of the most unique wedding you’ll ever witness. The bride uses a bunch of swirly black and white candy instead of a bouquet of flowers, entourage wearing black, Grooms maid instead of Bridesmaid vice versa and the most happiest wedding ever. But what caught my attention was when I saw my friend Burtz crying while he’s watching her beautiful bride Ef Are walking down the Aisle.

Sacred Heart Parish
Photos: Paopao Sanchez Photography
Cinematography: Noel Samson
2nd shooter: Mbelle Rodriguez
3rd shooters: Erik Lorenciana and Russel Samson
Production Assistant: Sheryl Samson

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