Starkey and Mai – Same Day Edit

Te Mai (as I call her) was my Team Leader when I was working in a call center and Starkey is also working in the same company.
And finally they tied the knot. Te Mai is a sweet and soft spoken lady and Starkey is a big chatty guy with all the beard,tattoos
and a “Beatles” fan. But hands down on him when I saw him crying (with all the “astig” look) as he watch Te Mai walking down the aisle.

A full of love and happiness celebration that even the earth was shaking of happiness 🙂

Congratulations to my former Bosses and thanks for having us. God bless…

Coordination: Bayong Fontelo
HMUA: Jay Failanga
Photos: Marlon Capuyan Photography
Cinematographers: Noel Samson, Mabelle Rodriguez, Russel Samson and Erik Ciana

One thought on “Starkey and Mai – Same Day Edit

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  1. if i were to give a rating,,i would definitely give it a 5 star..the film is very clean and well edited,, mabz pag kaslon ko sa inyo ko kontara ha..hehehe

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